Inventory Screen Shots

Main Inventory Screen uses buttons or grid navigation.

Full Serial Number support is standard.

An edit history record tracks any editing of an inventory record.

Every sale of an item is recorded along with a history record that can be retrieved with reports.

Any adjustment made to an inventory item is kept in a separate adjustment record.

Full notes can appear on the invoicing screen or on the invoice ticket. Full picture tracking helps to identify items at the sales counter.

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Levels update automatically during sales and receiving on a purchase orders.

Multiple pricing levels are standard in the Nickel Tracker program.

Optional setup parameters help to set your various inventory types to meet your stores needs.

Full vendor and purchase history is tracked.

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Alternate ID and cost per each vendor is supported.

Inventory items can be setup as different styles.

Kits are fully supported.

Price breaks are fully supported.

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You can see each backorder as well as backorder history records.

Suggested substitutions appear at the invoicing screen when you run out of stock.

Full Matrix support for items like clothes, shoes or other matrix type items.

UDF - User defined fields help you track items with your own unique labels.
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Miscellaneous Inventory Support Screens

The Quick Add screen lets you quickly add an item with the least amount of data needed for quick setup.

A flexible search screen can find a single item within seconds among tens of thousands of items.

Serial numbers are easy to add.

A Spread Sheet type of pricing can do What Ifs on pricing, margins and markups.
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Mix and Match is easy to setup.

Each item can have Alternate IDs to lookup items by their common  names or SKUs.

Each item can be given a part number specific to a vendor.

Units of Measures are easy to setup.

Kits are easy to setup.
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Multi-Price breaks are easy to setup. Once setup, Price Breaks can be cloned onto another item.

Substitutions are easy to setup.

Matrix items are easy to setup.

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