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Main sales screen. By entering a SKU, barcode number, alternate ID Number, vendor part number or description, the Nickel Tracker will instantly find the item you are searching for and add it to the invoice screen. Barcode scanners allow for faster sales by scanning the barcodes off of inventory items.

Custom Keyboard sales screen.

Touch Screen sales screen. No keyboard needed for any facets of sales using a touch screen.

If you select a customer for a sale, Nickel Tracker will search if this customer has an open invoice.

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Main sales screen with a customer selected.

Main sales screen with Fast-Keys turned on. Fast-Keys are assignable by you.

Customer information is one key click away while using the invoicing screens.

Touch screen customer selection screen.

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Any invoice at any time can be put on hold. 

Touch screen Open Item pricing screen.

Touch screen item editing price screen.

Trade-In screen used in the Touch Screen invoicing screen. A Trade-In is added to inventory for immediate resale as soon as it is traded in. It is marked up by a percentage that you set.

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Invoices can be generated by a Hand Held pocket type computer.

Work orders and service orders are a standard part of Nickel Tracker.

Daily specials are easily setup.

Cash-outs are a handy feature from the invoicing screens.

The Kwik-Key button found on each invoicing screen.

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A Kool feature that was pioneered by is the Kwik-Key. These keys are setup by you and can have up to 16 keys on the first screen. Each key can go to a second screen with up to 24 keys each. Kwik-Keys allow one click or keystroke to place an item onto the invoicing screen.

By just pressing the underlined key, this item will be added to the sales invoice.

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